Junii - Mileage

Junii – Mileage

*** “MILEAGE” ***
Produced By Nascent, Stix & Coop the truth.. Lyrics by Junii..
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I don’t think you understand
How I really feel about it
If you did then we wouldn’t
Have to make it up in mileage
Can we talk
I know it’s a bad time
Cause you’re driving
But I always make a way regardless
That’s just how it is
Baby I can’t pretend
To be anything else for youI tried to be here
But it’s like you never
Wanted me to be here
I put my pride aside
You told me to believe you
It’s the way you said it
Like I need you
Do I ?

Either way you feel away about me
Always talking bout’
How you can’t keep yourself
Away from round me
How come we can’t find a way to
Keep this shit in autopilot
Is it cause this flight is almost ending
Cause we’re over mileage

Babe I play the same games you play
I say the same things you say
But that doesn’t make this easy
Do whatever it takes to keep me

I want you around
AroundHow can I get to
Stay around
Cause I want you around

Written by Kat


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