Instagram model @sineadmcnamara was found unconscious on a $190 million superyacht in Greece had phoned her mother and brother in tears before her death.

The Australian instagram model found hanged off the back of a billionaire’s super yacht had called her family in tears just hours before she died, it was revealed today.

Sinead McNamara, 20, rang mum Kylie to tell her about an incident with another crew member on board the $190 million Mayan Queen IV, which was docked in Argostoli on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

She also spoke to her brother Jake during her last anguished phone call in the early hours of last Friday, shortly before her body was discovered, the family’s lawyer Charalampos Triantafyllopoulos revealed.

Sinead McNamara (pictured) had called her family in tears just hours before she was found hanged off the back of a billionaire’s super yacht, it was revealed today

Prior to that, the family claim Sinead had been happy and enjoying her work as a stewardess on the six-storey yacht, which is owned by Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères.

Her mother and sister, Lauren Carr, were on route to Kefalonia from their home in Australia when she died.

They had been due to meet her the following day and are believed to have been informed of the news of her death while in transit.

The family are now demanding answers as to why there was an apparent delay in airlifting her to a hospital in Athens.

A doctor on board the yacht is understood to have tried to resuscitate her before she was taken to a hospital in Argostoli.

She was there for several hours, Mr Triantafyllopoulos told Greek media, until a helicopter could transfer her to a private clinic in Athens.

In a statement, he said: ‘The family expects the Greek authorities to respond to the causes and circumstances of her death and incidents that occurred just prior.

‘The deceased had telephoned her mother and brother shortly before the unfortunate incident under investigation.

‘She was crying and referred to an incident that took place on the yacht with another crew member.

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